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GCJ vs. JavaVM: some random performance results

Some random benchmarks of my Java tool that does heavily iterative double computations. It uses arrays - no dynamic data structures.

All results are non representative. Its just to get an idea. Everything was tested on a Core2Duo 6600@2.4GHz with 2GB RAM running Linux. No threading implemented yet.

compiler/JVM environment runtime memory footprint gij-4.2.3 34m58s 305m gcj-4.2.3 -O0 4m29s 305m gcj-4.2.3 -O1 0m57s 305m gcj-4.2.3 -O2 0m56s 305m gcj-4.2.3 -O3 0m45s 305m java-1.6.0_6 -Xint 10m55s 644m java-1.6.0_6 -client -Xmx512m
0m36s 658m java-1.6.0_6 -server 0m31s 648m java-1.6.0_6 -XX:+AggressiveOpts -server 0m30s 647m

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